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Gaco Western Polyurethane Spray Foam: Insulating walls to lower energy costs

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Gaco WallFoam is a high R-value polyurethane insulation. The foam consists of two liquids that are mixed in the spray equipment. When sprayed, the foam expands and cures to a light-weight, semi-rigid insulation that seals cracks, seams and penetrations.

Gaco WallFoam gives you the ultimate in air seal technology, meaning your energy dollars don't fly out of your pocket through gaps in your insulation.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior Air Seal Technology
  • Saves on Heating and Cooling Costs
  • Eliminates Entry Points for Pests
  • Prevents Mold Between the Walls
  • Designed for both Hot and Cool Climates

Gaco WallFoam insulation reduces your household's carbon footprint. Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the biggest advantages of the Gaco WallFoam insulation system?

  • Low Energy Costs - Utility bills are typically 20-50% lower in homes insulated with Gaco WallFoam.
  • A Healthy Home - Less air infiltration means less mold, pollen, and dust travel into your home.

Q: What are the differences between Gaco WallFoam insulation and loose-fill insulation?

  • Gaco WallFoam seals penetrations; hot or cold air can blow right through loose-fill insulation
  • Gaco WallFoam does not sag, settle or shrink over time; the settling of loose-fill insulation reduces coverage area
  • Gaco WallFoam reduces condensation within the walls; loose-fill insulation allows moisture to travel freely and  increases the likelyhood of mold, mildew and wood rot
  • Gaco WallFoam does not provide nesting material or food for rodents and insects; loose-fill insulation is more hospitable to pests

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